Gutteling maintains an active involvement in industry forums and associations indicative of our commitment to and involvement with the industry. Gutteling participates in Standardization Committees and in this role Gutteling has given input in the revision of EN 13766 / EN 13765 and in the new document EN 1474-II. Gutteling is active in advising members of ISGOTT and SIGTTO in different aspects of composite hoses, such as handling, storage and quality related issues.

In order to bring this information over to the industry we provide handling, maintenance and storage procedures not only to international associations, but we have them also available for our partners and customers. This includes a Chemical Resistance List. The below chart can be used as an indication. We always recommend to check this with your own Quality, Health and or Safety department.


Note: for information not mentioned in this chemical resistance list, please do not hesitate to contact us. This chemical resistance list indicates the resistance of Gutteling Composite Hoses. The requirements in practice are mostly of exchange nature, therefore the mentioned information is only proposed as indication


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