New qualification Multi-LNG White STS hoses

With the rapidly growing LNG bunker operations around the World, the risk of failure is also increasing. To ensure that these operations remain safe, International rules and guidelines must be continuously updated. Manufacturers must respect these rules & guidelines by implement them where necessary in their product and system design.

A good sample is the latest version of EN 1474-II for LNG transfer hoses in dynamic conditions. This document, which is published in 2020, has been revised by a group of highly experienced people working in this Industry for many years. The aim for this revision was to ensure safe and reliable LNG transfer operations. The knowledge of 15 years LNG Transfer experience has been added to this standard.

Gutteling Multi-LNG White STS hoses has been qualified to the latest EN 1474-II 2020 standard by DNV and ClassNK since the beginning of 2021. This new qualification will ensure that LNG bunker operators are able to work with fully certified and reliable transfer hoses which are 100% in compliance with all new requirements issued by the LNG Industry itself.